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giggity giggity giggity

This evening I got to watch a little tv. Family Guy hit the spot. I havent spent all too much time watching television this semester but as its closing I find myself leaving it on for noise.Thats what happens when your roomate sleeps for an insanely long amount of time and youre just chilling by yourself. Oh yeah. and Ive decided that match dot com and the whores sporting their shit on there are the devils spawn. just a theory.


Disappointed slash Stoked

Okay so I have been listening to Hopesfall for as long as they have been around, their latest excuse for a cd, has done nothing but irritate me. Its as though someone handed them the melodic hardcore torch and they dropped it after a few meters.  Don’t listen to it thats my advice, you wont be disappointed that way.

Me and Chris have found a new home fairly close to downtown OKC.  We are pretty stoked/nervous about it. Its a big move for both of us. I am graduating this next week (or something) I havent been paying attention really since Im not walking. My main concern at this point is to find a job in the city which will pay well and knock out some of my student-loan. I also recently purchased a drumset from a friend, I am completely stoked about this because in so many ways it puts me back where I was before school ( at least with material items, a bike, a drumset, and a car).  Hopefully me and chris can begin to make music together, and design together as well.  I need to do some research on soundproofing, for cheap. We are planning on repainting the interior and cleaning up some before we move in.

in other news:

and there are now 56 more colors in our world. wahoo.

Im trying to get Chris to tag stuff up with me in the city. Nobody wants to get in trouble though.


Why cant Oklahoma have something like this. come know there isnt shit else out here except cows, rednecks, walmart, doolies,dry dirt, lakes that are the equivalent to port-a-potties, horrible drivers, scene kids who don’t know shit about ANYTHING, people who have never once seen the ocean or dared dream of it. need I go on? this is just the list of the negative, the positives are as follows: rural life means you can actually see the sun settings without that nasty polluted haze, rock formations the size of hills automatically get thrown into the “mountain category”, gas is supposively cheaper but thats just because we don’t have an L or a subway, food is cheaper,  for some reason when im 85 driving 15 in a 35 won’t seem as bad as it does now, and last but not least…everyones fat. including myself. 30 lbs. heavier than I was 3 years ago. thats ten a year. Its all love. and soon, hopefully… It will go away.

tie me up to the radiator…


someone linked this to me the other day. quite funny.

mike lee visits Southpark

I am beginning a new blog. I am new to this. I will not fail at this. it will keep track of all sorts of random tid bits of information or dis-information.