Why cant Oklahoma have something like this. come on..you know there isnt shit else out here except cows, rednecks, walmart, doolies,dry dirt, lakes that are the equivalent to port-a-potties, horrible drivers, scene kids who don’t know shit about ANYTHING, people who have never once seen the ocean or dared dream of it. need I go on? this is just the list of the negative, the positives are as follows: rural life means you can actually see the sun settings without that nasty polluted haze, rock formations the size of hills automatically get thrown into the “mountain category”, gas is supposively cheaper but thats just because we don’t have an L or a subway, food is cheaper,  for some reason when im 85 driving 15 in a 35 won’t seem as bad as it does now, and last but not least…everyones fat. including myself. 30 lbs. heavier than I was 3 years ago. thats ten a year. Its all love. and soon, hopefully… It will go away.


One response to ““cow”-a-bunga

  1. Your description of Oklahoma is right on.

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