Disappointed slash Stoked

Okay so I have been listening to Hopesfall for as long as they have been around, their latest excuse for a cd, has done nothing but irritate me. Its as though someone handed them the melodic hardcore torch and they dropped it after a few meters.  Don’t listen to it thats my advice, you wont be disappointed that way.

Me and Chris have found a new home fairly close to downtown OKC.  We are pretty stoked/nervous about it. Its a big move for both of us. I am graduating this next week (or something) I havent been paying attention really since Im not walking. My main concern at this point is to find a job in the city which will pay well and knock out some of my student-loan. I also recently purchased a drumset from a friend, I am completely stoked about this because in so many ways it puts me back where I was before school ( at least with material items, a bike, a drumset, and a car).  Hopefully me and chris can begin to make music together, and design together as well.  I need to do some research on soundproofing, for cheap. We are planning on repainting the interior and cleaning up some before we move in.

in other news:

and there are now 56 more colors in our world. wahoo.

Im trying to get Chris to tag stuff up with me in the city. Nobody wants to get in trouble though.


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