Monthly Archives: May 2007

Please inform the captain…



I will be putting up pictures I promise. I have yet to spend enough time online to enjoy myself or look at most anything that even appeals to me. Just been searching job postings. For anyone outside of Oklahoma I challenge you to search for Graphic Arts job in OKC. You will soon see the factors running against me. I did however have my portfolio reviewed this last week by Steve and Amy at Walker ( Where Chris works ) and they feel I would be best served if I were to pursue working for myself/freelancing as an illustrator/fine artist. Though as fitting as this is, it sent me spiraling through my own thoughts. So I starting reading up the Graphic Artists Guild guide on pricing and ethical guidelines etc. Its a pretty boring read and I find myself thinking about how much I need to get organized. monetarily and mentally. I just keep telling myself that perhaps this is a measure of courage to some extent. It takes alot to leap with nothing but yourself and a pencil.  Our family may be up visiting tomorrow. Hopefully we will catch Spiderman 3  with them. we’ve been holding out to watch it with dad.  I need momentum.

the crux in living

Yeah thats right I said it. Think about that one for a few minutes. Me and Chris moved into a new house downtown okc. This place would be pretty pimp fixed up. and with the edition of more furniture:

Such as this. but alas one must find a place of employment before he squanders his life savings on the likes of designer furniture and living. I have been at a real “crux” myself. With the new house, post-graduation inhibitions, job search and other questionables. Its been one month of change thats for sure. I finished the semester with 4 A’s and 1 B. That might have been 3 A’s and I might have been a Giant. Me and Chris have several blank canvases. so if anyone actually reads this and has suggestions. let us know. we are also thinking of throwing up some helvetica on the wall somehow or another… I have a few ideas that Id like to start working on its just a matter of finding the right people to collaborate with. ( Ill get back to that one.)

New home.

so we have a new house now. updates soon. piiieeemmpp.