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breaking it off like

Ive been added as a user/contributor to my boy steve’s website:
Drop Over. Give him some love, read all his ( now his, mine and Kevin’s ) comments on all the latest musical happenings. Don’t be afraid to leave comments either. This last weekend Julianne came up. we went to the museum, the movies, rode bikes downtown, and she whooped up on us in Marvel Vs. Capcom

I will put something worth while here later.


“Funny thing about my back…”

my love is a fortress

I have been feeling optimistic today.
I am feeling okay about being here in Oklahoma City right now.
I am determined to make the best of it despite my emotional rollercoasters.
I am debating going into a grad program just to buy time and work on my portfolio so I can possibly go to a better college next year. That was the intent on moving up here anyways.
The Zidane: 21st Century Portrait was an enjoyable piece of work:

Our Barbeque went well I suppose. Hard to really know what everyone thought. There was an assortment of people and activities. Me and Chris have been enjoying Creature Comforts on tv, we are thinking it wont last past a few episodes because people are idiots and wont appreciate the subtle humor.

come on, who wouldnt love this?


yes thats right. Today. fussball tournament, marvel vs. capcom ( not to mention an assortment of other games ) music, hamburgers, hotdogs, brauts, good company.

Im a little confused on where Im going right now. Ill be back. and that crow looks alot better in my sketchbook for some reason.

messenger quote of the week:

Stephen says:
man, I got a confession mike
Stephen says:
I got bored and made this synth pop song in five minutes at lunch and screamed blood brothers shit all over it