Monthly Archives: July 2007

metaphor for my life… olive shit on my bed tonite.
It wasnt the dog or the event but more like thats my life right now.
Thanks Bear and Lindsey for coming. I really enjoy you two. dont worry about the poo.


Why I love Jason Andersons Music:

There’s no trampoline…There’s no parachute…There’s no safety net … No hot-air balloon

You fall and you shatter

To Determine Your worth

I have just completed a mixtape.


Part One: Contemplating, Contemplating.

Part Two: Submission

I have decided to post this so others can enjoy it. or hate it. whatever. I tried to be pretty diverse. I just got done reading High Fidelity ( thanks bear/lindsey….a or e?…) The family is supposed to go to Missouri this weekend visit the family. This will be an adventure as we have not all ridden together in like 5-6 years or something ridiculous like that, and then we had a van. Now we are bigger, older and cramming ourselves into a Toyota. There will most assuredly be a picture update via this or chris’s flickr no doubt. and for those who havent… read chriss close encounter with the odd asian cashier at walgreens… ( )

Fortune Soda

This is the news I received via my jones soda lid:
“You will soon receive compliments on your style”


“Your Fantasy will come true”

How true or untrue these are is irrelevant.