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target woes

clint says:
i wonder if i can break my desk with my face

I will be leaving target. ( Im not crying ) but Ive met some nice people there..dont get me wrong. I got  a job at Midwest Trophy doing design work over there.  I have been looking for really unique designs althought I will probably not be doing really definative pieces…
I will write more on my day off.


Quote of the week

clint says:
i’m the phantom of the megaplex, bitch

So Clint has been quoting it up like crazy.
check chriss blog its in more detail.

clint says:
man up, bitch, and eat some f-ing pancakes

oklahoma design+quote of the week

Clint says:its like the font monster bitchslapped the cover.


There is nothing new under the sun…

coalesce alot lately on the play list. I am still trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong in my life. post-graduate depression is about as irritating as anything Ive ever experienced. I have yet to digest the fact that I’m working at target. The crow book is still in progress. I put if off for a little bit. the realization that I had no money and had to make some SOMEHOW sort of took priority. selling yourself is something that I have failed at. “Play the Game Mike, You got to play the game” Damn high school art teachers. I have never been keen on selling myself. Ive always tried to work really hard and let my work speak for itself along side my ethics and what not. but now that I’m in the “real” world I’m seeing that kissing everyones ass is about as worthwhile as reading the wall street journal. I am sick of working shit jobs I didn’t give a shit about graduation, the goal for me was to finally be able to have a 9-5 and not be working a shit job, then coming home to do homework. but as it turns out I am pretty much right back in that same position. Except I have been slacking off a bit more. I find it hard to work a shit job then come home and try to figure out how to make my artwork better. I like my sleep, I’m not trying to stay up till wee hours in the morning doing something that isn’t going to do much for me. I wish there was a way for people to scout you out of college. fuck they do it for athletes why not other fields. Id probably only be average and end up on the farm team equivalent, to a halfway decent design studio.
I hate to say this but seriously I am hating this position I am in….and for my saying that I apologize. Blogs have become the new impersonal xangas and web journals where emotions and bitching (and the release that comes with it)  are less than adequate to leave for posts, but I don’t care.

I have been in a well of self pity. My brother and I have spent the last few weeks trying to figure out how we are ever going to get out of this…we are single, semi-attractive guys, who don’t party, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t go to church,don’t go to bars or clubs, don’t socialize much, don’t like shitty movies, don’t like shitty music, and we aren’t making the best money ever. Some might say compromise a little , go out some. But We’ve developed these ideals for a reason. and as for the money were trying honestly. How do you get out of this? Where are the girls in the same position? We really want to move, so I’m sure that will be up for debate within the year… this is how are nights go: Chris works till 5, watches TV gets online till I get home 9-10, then we watch some more tv, get online, turn on some music and play a 2/3 fuss ball match, mike or Chris wins, we go our separate ways, Chris goes to his computer I go to mine , I may read, Chris may play guitar. sometimes we play together. I go to sleep and then Chris passes out eventually. rinse and repeat.
I thinkIm about tired of bitching. heres some links:

if anyone wants to buy me and chris gear for the house from the momastore….