Monthly Archives: October 2007

restoration of confidence

I have not written anything worth while on this because I have been debating my relationship with this machine. I never wanted to be this connected to something so inanimate. It has become an ordeal of sorts to think positively lately. I zone out alot.  I’m not really happy. on occasion. momentarily. but its never sustained long. I write more in my journal/sketchbook now and even then its me bitching to myself about not knowing what Im doing in my life.  I also have not been taking pictures as much as I have wanted to. My camera battery dies quickly these days. I have not been reading as much as I want to either. I have put myself into a corner. Young Frankenstein consisted of Me and Chris eating chili, watching the movie, then me cleaning and going to sleep.  I should be reading more. I should be caring more.  I have asked Chris to write me some songs, Kelly to possibly help produce it up a little. We’ll see how many days that lasts. Halloween..Octopus Project/Busdriver. Should be fun. Ill put on a smile.



revamp soon Im looking for a new theme because i am retarded and dont know css or dreamweaver.