Monthly Archives: February 2008

avalon by braille

Dont ask me why but the last two days have been john vanderslice and john wilkes killing booth days.

also. this sickness is getting old. I was up at 345 this morning. wtf is that. wide awake I just sat there for 2 hours.

I woke up to some gifts though. a new sweatshirt.( THANK YOU ), and a book ( THANK YOU )


bruises are buttons for pain

Dakota Dakota
Cheyenne-The Land Rush ep
Hayden-In Field and Town
Cursive-Remixes/Happy Hollow
The Lymbec System- Love Your Abuser
A Lily-Wake:Sleep
Will Stratton: What The Night Said
The Beatles ( anything really )
Radiohead: In Rainbows 1/2/17 seconds via christopher, well pretty much anything they put out too.
The Headphones
Superdrag:Changin’ Tires on the Road to Ruin
Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
Roy: Killed John Train
Chuck Regan

Ive been avoiding this space in my life. this little cyber bitchfest which is my blog. I havent been up to too much. Work has been about all I do. Its not that it is that tiring but anyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person. I go to bed early every day… ( just about ) just so Im halfway bearable until about 11 am …( i get to work at 730 ) …when my body actually wakes up. I just cant ever get enough sleep. I remember in high school Kevin Honnel ( used to sleep like all the time and I was always amazed but these days I am somehow able to see the extreme value of sleep and dreaming. No where else can I achieve everything without monetary boundaries and or physical capabilities limiting me from whatever it is I want. I know this is not anything profound or new but my excitement and ability to enjoy rest and sleep has only grown with age.

much love to jon ( and congrats for his being accepted into University of Kentucky. next stop school of architecture.

and thanks to long friend stephen gilbert for dropping in and half finding the import amnesiac (radiohead) book. Which despite my telling him to not let me spend money, let me buy it.

In other mike lee news: Chris went on a roadtrip with shamily and hannah, and I had hoped to sit around reading and enjoying my solitude and I guess that I have but I spent most of it sick. and not really feeling like reading in leu of that. I did finish downloading Dexters Laboratory Seasons 1-4 .Which is awesome. and I got Kids in the Hall SeasonTwo. What do you know about Cabbagehead?

My friend Heather who Ive talked to online for a few years now is coming to visit next week. Shes from Canada. so I think Im gonna try to find some things to do that will scare her into believing oklahoma is enough to stay away from. I told her I would take her to Walmart and her response was ” We have Walmarts in Canada” and my response was : ” Not like Ours…”