Monthly Archives: August 2008

without a doubt that with every cloud, a silver line is worn

We are leaving tuesday. and I would probably leave monday, but our landlord hasnt called me back. I am not feeling anticipation just yet. It will kick in probably sunday or maybe tomorrow. Ambitions are held in check by reality. Its true. Check yourself. more shortcuts later


You be the paper, I’ll be the pen.

This next week or so is going to be pretty intense. Its one of those Hot Water Music times. For those of you who have not listened to “Live at the Hardback: I suggest you make an effort to listen at least once. It is one of few cd’s that pushes me forward mentally. Everyone has that one band or cd that sort of does that Im sure. It’s really hard for me to nail down a top ten countdown of all-time favorite Bands or cds, but rest assured this one is in the top three.

This week’s to do’s are a little overwhelming. Last day of work is Tuesday, then I will be at home thinking,cleaning, preparing, packing, sleeping.

I never wanted you.

As you may have noticed I have avoided posting for lack of things to say or bitch about. I have in my possession a new longboard and road bike. These two things not being necessity but definitely worth the investment, are welcomed into my existence again. I used to longboard quite often until someone stole my board. (jerks). and I sold my bike for rent monies last year pre-job at mtm…and now that I am an adult and will most likely be using a bike to commute (hopefully ), it was about time to upgrade to a man-bike instead of a bmx style bike.


I haven’t hit that panic mode yet where everything begins to shuffle and condense and I realize I am moving.  I am a little uncertain on how things will be. There is that fear that everything will be extremly worse than I can ever imagine. and then there is that optimistic heir about me that says. you will be fine…


I am in this constant state of reflection. I am wanting to be more but always find myself getting to that next point ten times slower than molasses. I can’t have cake and eat it too. at least not yet. Maybe when I am 40. 

The Avett Brothers: “If Its the Beaches”, and “The Weight of Lies” have been messing me up lately. I dont even have a girl and emotionally those songs put me into wreckage status. 

and if you find this van, buy it for me:

The dim light survives

I have been floating off into some sort of pre-move abyss. 

I have been craving paint. I sometimes feel like I have forsaken my abilities to sit in a chair and learn some new technique. My website is done but there are a few modifications that i need to make before I go plastering it everywhere.