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soaking in the Sound.

UHM. Yes. So I cant paint detail very good on this little matchbox bus. and its 21 window, not 11.( stupid matchbox ) but you get the point.

One of these days its gonna happen:

Mike plus girl. plus bus. plus boards.  plus a shitload of books/music. plus studiospace. plus ocean. plus mountains.

Think Positives. Think Awesome.



This is almost routine for our mornings now. Laura likes to chill with us and see what we are up to. This morning I took pictures…

The misadventures of Michael Lee


It is time for a decent entry. The last 4 weeks have essentially been a blur. They have not been extremely perilous, but they have been gratifying to say the least. I had set a few goals in my mind the last few years. One of the goals was to finish school: CHECK. 2000-2007. (Yeah it took that long. Want to fight about it? ). and Pay off my car: CHECK. 2004-2008. (Mostly working two jobs during school.), then get the heck out of Oklahoma: CHECK!…I’ve been wanting to get out of Oklahoma since I moved there in 95? The year after graduating school, I busted my butt applied and called agencies showed my portfolio off in a limited market. Took the hit and started working at Target. Almost moved up in that company but turned down the offer to work at MTM. ( Yes, I know Trophies. Dont hate. There isnt much out there. ) Its hard to fathom a small decent firm or agency throwing money out for a newbie, when the ship is running fine with the alloted members. I wasn’t proud but it paid the bills. and my brothers association with Oklahoma today opened up the offer for me doing small thumbnails in published work. Nothing great but none the less. baby steps. I worked at MTM. and cleaned my brother’s office on Monday evenings, and got the car paid off in April. My good friend Robert asked me if I would like to move to Washington, (Puget Sound). I debated it. I think for a few seconds. Called him back a few days, saying I would like to but I would really like to con my brother in getting out of the state with me. Everything worked out and by August-Sept. things sped up. A quick patching of work and portfolio assemblage was required as well as asking for Clint and Chris to help me on the web end. Packing the house and sorting out essentials, arranging for the truck as well as closing up house and quitting our jobs became priorities we welcomed. And then we were off, Hauling ass out of Oklahoma…

at 55mph to be exact. We traveled across Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming,Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington state at 55-60 mph. I would have loved to go faster. and my lovely navigator and patient brother would have probably enjoyed it as well. Stupid truck. Stupid. Stupid. I had never driven across country in anything but a car and by myself no less. So the added company was a comfort and also a responsibility. Driving through Oregon’s Hills at night towing a truck, as my navigator inched her way into peaceful sleep was a nerve-racking experience.haha. She woke and was gracious enough to suggest we all crash for the night. Thank God.

I really felt bad for Chris trailing behind us the whole way , having to block for me going into roads. It has been some sort of slow adventure for him. Traveling into the unknown, away from comfort all to experience something new. Under my wing, but more qualified than me he will fair well in this place we now call home…

We live in Tacoma Washington for the time being. We spent the first week setting off to see the area. Build an aquaintance with the surroundings. Lindsay was here for a week no doubt loving the scenery. We rode the bus to downtown Seattle. Visited the following: Seattle Art Museum, ( plus Olympic Park ). Pikes Market. Pioneer Square. Klondike Museum. Twin Harbors Beach and Lighthouse, Mt Rainer. The Glass Museum (exterior).

Saturday morning Lindsay was off to the airport, and the rest of the day was spent helping Robert and Megan with housework pre-baby. This included a Farmers Market in Tacoma which was quaint in its own little way. Later that evening we decided to take Laura to a park but Megan’s Contractions ( 10? Days past due date? ) kicked in…and within an hour or so the Baby was born. It was pretty close to being an at home baby due to the nurse at the hospital telling Megan it was okay and for her to just relax at home. Good Thing she didn’t listen to the nurse, with a quick c-section….Ashlynn Faith Hawkins is doing well here at the house now. No thanks to that nurses awesome advise. ( haha ). Full head of dark hair. They have become quite the family unit. And me and chris have now become Uncle Chris  and Uncle Mike…

It has been all sorts of exciting and new. but at the same time it feels like home.

It is an odd sensation to feel at home.

the clampdown

I imagine I should write a post. The last four weeks will be summarized tomorrow morning. Most likely between the hours of 10-1 Pacific Time.

Tacoma, Washington DC

The other day Chris called AT&T and the guy on the phone was half-retarded and asked when Chris read off our temporary address, if Tacoma was in Washington DC. IDIOT.
A longer more substancial post will be made once I am online, and functioning.

Oklahoma is NOT “OK”

Tomorrow:Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming.