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The challenge of maintaining a smile.

Im pretty sure I need to update this. Someone told me I should. Maybe they’re right.

Its been a little hard to sit down and get myself in writing mode. I wrote my review for A Wolf at the Table and it will soon be posted to Mine and Lindsays BookBlog/club. I am excited for our next book, but youll have to wait to find out what it is.

I was thinking of a cool idea the other day. of designing an alternate cover for these books that we are reading. We’ll see about that though. 

In other news my parents and sister may be visiting the greater Seattle/Tacoma area this next week. They are up for possible Space A seats aboard a C-17 heading to McChord. If they do come out it will be quite awesome. Julianne will enjoy getting out and even though the temperature will be low the beach is on my mothers to-do list. Its unfortunate that Chris will have to work a few of the days they are here. but rest assured the Lee’s will be hanging out, probably taking some pictures.

 Look for post-Thanksgiving photos).

Clint has been stepping up his retail game and has worked up some shirts that will be sold exclusively through his storefront in Red River NM. The Tillman Project will be in full effect as he sets his space up and gets his shirts printed. we are all looking forward to seeing some of that action. (get it Boiiiii.)

Also in one month I will be heading to the Dirty D, to hang with Lindsay for a week or so. She has had a tough time keeping her plans for us a secret. Chris apparently knows a little bit about whats going down but has yet to give away any bits or hints. Its good for me though. Sort of keeps me suspenseful. Honestly I wouldnt care if we did nothing the whole time. It will be nice to hang out and enjoy her company. Im pretty sure its going to be awesome. There may be picture updates for that in a month as well.

well I am at a lack of other things to write. Im sure I could find some more things to write about but my stomach is eating me alive.

Currently reading:
Lore-Book Two (tp.louise/ashleywood)
Zombies vs Robeots Complete (ryall/wood)

Currently watching:
Indiana Jones. Im only watching it to say that I watched it. and let me just say, I am equally as disappointed as the rest of the millions of people who said it sucked.
Pushing Daisies: Heard from Chris the new season got cancelled. Screw all you stupid people who can’t handle a decent story, and well played humor. 

Currently Listening to:
Jean Grae & Blue Sky Black Death
Cannibal Ox

Shai Hulud
Sinking Ships
Stretch Armstrong

Currently thinking:
I hope my family gets to come out, I miss my gf. I hope Chris’s day at work isnt too sucky. and yes! I get some downtime to myself. ( we’ll see how long it lasts )


Tyger, Tyger…

This last week included the following for me:

A man, dead from overdose, at like 6th and Pike…. still recieving CPR from EMS-Trained firefighters.

The first African American elected to be our president… for our so called democracy.Iranian President wishes him the best, a first for Iran since the Hostage Crisis back in the day…( Ask Chris its true ) And despite my non-voting beliefs I am glad that alot of people I know voted for him, and that we don’t have some millionaire, spoiled ass, old, white guy in office that talks like a character from Gomer Pyle.

I read an article on BBC International about a 13-year old girl in Africa who was stoned to death for pre-marital sex. ( Taken to a Football Stadium and buried till there was nothing but her head sticking out. ) This disturbed me for a long time. 

Laura teething (grumpy/sad/irritable/ yet still cute and funny…how does that work?)

A drawn comparison between Pol Pot and Barack Obama. (WTF)
To the General Public, Dont ever do that in front of me. I will most likely blow a gasket. That is unless you are letting me stay in your house for free, in which case I will leave the conversation in leu of my girlfriend calling, and feel relieved at my being able to leave. 

A few, well more than a few hours clocked in talking to my girlfriend, Lindsay. (YES, Come over.)

A lowered Wii bowling score.

Rain. (YES)

A bus that smelled like an alcholic bum slash piss.

A two hour bus ride home from work due to an accident on 5.

Crazy 40-Something year old guy staring at me on the bus. I almost got up and kicked his ass but I realized he seemed sort of crazy and would probably shank me whilst listening to Tina Turner on his Ipod.

For other bus related stuff ( I found this guys art last weekend ): go here:

A Package from Wamu with my checks.
Chris pointed out that the box was sent flat so that I had to build the box myself.
Oh and my direct deposit works. (YES) 

 Free Asian food lunch bought by my boss on Monday.

A few more chapters read in The Watchmen graphic novel.

A few new pairs of underwear and socks. (Its about time)

I found some of Ashley Wood:Popbot’s on sale at HalfBooks.(F-Yes) 

Unsuccessful ventures trying to play music with Robert and Chris. Thats what happens when its forced.

Spotted: Like 10 VW buses. Three of which were Type-2’s with shit paint schemes. One of which was completely badass, and I failed to get a picture of. Think White top, Chrome and Dark Royal blue bottom with Creme and White Seats.

The Bandit Sandwich from the HoneyHole Located about 2 blocks from my work on Pike. Serious=A Plus with that Brisket, and the French Fries are A W E S O M E.

If you think of anything else that happened this week or so and I failed to mention it please let me know and Ill add it to the list.