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Talking in Code

I feel there is no way to dumb down the events or feelings Ive had so I will be sharing a brief synopsis.
The Puget Sound usually gets very little snow. Snow is usually dropped on the east side of the mountains but prior to leaving on my Christmas vacation, Seattle-Tacoma received anywhere from 1-3 inches of snow. This may not be a shock to some, nor was it a shock to me, but apparently the Sound is less prepared than I thought in terms of road clearing during random events like these. This causes one major problem for me: I ride public transportation. I decided to call in Wednesday the 17th, because of the sounding chorus of emails saying to watch the weather and that it was expected to be bad. Upon looking out my window at 7 a.m. I opted for staying home and not risking the travel. I felt smart, safe, practical, until about 12 O’clock when I realized the little inch of snow and ice was now melted and my calling in was in vain. I spent the day hanging out with Chris and avoiding the house. Doing some minor shopping and reading.

Thursday out of guilt I looked out my door with optimism and felt that my calling in the day before was not to be the same reason I missed work this day. Oh, how wrong I was! I drove to the bus station in 10 minutes. No issues whatsoever, feeling confident I boarded the bus…an hour later we had not made it past Federal way. I called my friend Jeremy to see if it was even worth walking up to work by the time I finally got to downtown…He said “no”, and I made the decision to turn around once I was downtown…I talked to Lindsay the whole way there, as everyone else was talking on their cell phones realizing they were going to have to turn-around once downtown as well…Once I ate my cinnamon roll and bought a new book at the comic store in Pikes Market I headed for the bus and boarded thinking all would be well. The bus driver was in good spirits despite losing control of the bus twice. She humored us all with her reactions and the crowd was soothed by her comedic : “WHOA!! Uh-UH! Get Back here!”- So much so , that our fears were eased…

This ride made me realize the following:
1. I do not want to die aboard public transportation, namely a bus.
2. Call your workmates before leaving, even if you wake them up they may save you 6 hours of total back and forth.
3. Bus drivers need to have a sense of humor and when they share a little personality it makes the trip seem less robotic.
4. Standing on a bus for two hours, is almost as bad as interrogation tactics used by the US Military.
5. Lindsay is a genius: “Go eat breakfast before you head back, no sense starving…”
6. Camper VW buses with front tire and snow on them= badass.
7. Hills in Seattle are virtually undrivable in the winter time, leaving accordian style buses bent with struggle.
8. Ipods are a godsend.
9. Buying a book for a bus trip is an awesome plan, IF you get to sit and read it.
10. Seattle area needs a few more Snow trucks.

I made it back to Tacoma and spent the rest of the day hanging out with everyone. It made me feel lazy but I was able to hang with them prior to Christmas letting me not feel guilty about enjoying myself later. <<In this time frame my computer also died…We are crossing our fingers that it is just the power supply>>Later in the evening Robert and Co. was nice enough to take me to the airport. I got to the airport around 1030-1045, check my bags in, and waited for departure. I boarded at 1235 but did not leave the ground until 210. Brutal. I did not sleep on this trip, because I was riding bitch. ( Middle-seat.) The man next to me slept silently laying gently against the window, and the girl on my opposite side slept due to the amount of alcohol she apparently had consumed before boarding. ( Drinking mouth-breathers should be a little more cautious about their breath when sitting in tight spaces ).  I arrive in Minnesota, called Lindsay and met a girl who was  a recent transplant from Detroit area now living in Seattle. She was watching There Will Be Blood and I told her the best part was yet to come: “I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE! I DRINK IT UP!” She probably thought I was a little odd, but when she finishes the movie she will no doubt understand the humor. I made it to Detroit and Lindsay had yet to make it to the airport. Detroit area has been dumped upon with snow and a normal 30 minute drive took 2 hours. She also slid twice and had to push herself and others out of embankments. The girl that I had met before came to me and asked if I had received my bags yet, while we waited at the baggage claim. Neither of us knew what was going on and left to go talk to NWA. The Airline not these guys:

Turns out my bags were not even placed on the plane and were sitting exactly where I had left them, at the Baggage Check-in. Amazing. Lindsay met me in the NWA Baggage Claim Office and we were so happy to see each other and conflicted on how to act, seeing as how I was mid-sentence with the lady regarding my bags. A quick hug and back to business! After it was sorted out ( My bag should arrive in 24 hours ) we rushed out of the office for an embrace.

Now for the list of events throughout my week, all kept secret by Lindsay prior to my arrival:
1. Detroit Red Wings ( ) Vs Los Angeles Kings. ( CONKLIN GET BACK IN YOUR CREASE!)
This was alot of fun, we were both yelling and screaming for the Wings and were really pretty close to the action. Pictures will be loaded soon.
Note to readers:
A.If you are a Bimbo. Sit next to other Bimbos, not nerdy white guys.
B.Men in general:The jumbo tron marriage proposal/Congratulations is a a horrible idea. Dont do it.
C. Bigger men:If you cannot dance, speeding up isnt going to change much.
D. Ladies: If your going to talk to your friend the whole game, but  you made your husband buy your ticket and drag you along, take yourself out of the area of people who actually want to watch.
E. Free Stuff at games always goes right in front of you, behind you, to the left of you, to the right of you, and not TO you.

2. Henry Ford Museum: ( ). Mr Thompson is the sweetest guy ever. Lindsays friend Liz’s father paid for everyones entry into the museum and insisted on paying for everyones lunch as well.  We saw the Dymaxium House by Buckminster Fuller, Abe Lincolns Chair that he was shot in, Kennedy’s Car, The Ecto 1( Car the Ghostbusters used ), The original Robin Custume from Batman tv series, Obi Wans Robe, Luke Skywalkers hand, and original Lightsaber, Darth Vader Custume, original Eames Chairs, Rosa Parks bus, and many other things…

3. Lafeyette Park- (,_Detroit)
We walked around in the snow and froze for a little while, checking out the architecture; being envious of the people living in the smaller complexes.

4. Looked at all the Rich peoples houses in Grosse Point, ate at Sy thai. Which recieved an A-plus in my book for Thai food. Played a ghetto version of pool at the Thompsons.

5. Went to the Detroit Public Library to see “Architecture in Detroit” a small photographic display of building that make up Detroits architectural high points.

6. Lee Family Christmas Conference Call. Christmas at Lindsays sisters. Quote of the Day belonged to Josie: ” This is the bessst Christmas, eva!”

7. Detroit vs Nashville at her brothers. Michelle playing Mariokart on the wii=Priceless.

8. The Bureau of Urban living.

9. DIA and the Contemporary Art Museum

10. Ice Skating downtown and Hard Rock Cafe: Detroit…It was our “First Date”. I wanted to be all proper and take her on a date. I tried to plan from afar, and that was very difficult, plus dark, downtown Detroit at night sort of shifted plans a little. We had a lot of fun and didnt fall at all. ( ALMOST THOUGH! ). And according to a homeless lady begging Lindsay for change, we are “Blessed angels”.

11. Lindsay. There is alot to write here, and Im sure if I were to try to write everything down I would miss something or fail to describe the current state of our relationship. but we are both very grateful to have spent 10 quality days with each other. We are emotionally invested in each other, and I have never felt as content as I feel with her. It was truly a pleasant experience and I feel that we are and will continue to grow closer. She is a beautiful person and I’m very grateful for her being top-secret about planning, and her being in kahootz with my parents regarding Christmas ( Nikon d60, That’s Right, Mike haz camera.)  I had so much fun laughing with her and running around everywhere, meeting her family and attempting donuts in the mall parking lot.  I miss her and I hope to see her soon.

I miss her and my family and am glad we all had a good holiday. Im grateful for everything that I received and will be updating this blog with alot more fotos once I have my computer up and running. This post could have been alot longer but I am exausted with punching these keys. Pictures soon.


“Who do you think you are?”

…Clark Kent….You’re not foolin anybody…”

The winter adventure is upon me.

Onwards to Michigan.

Updates later.




Should I write a new post? Probably. Maybe I could write about my week or my gf or the weather or something like that. hmmm.

How about I talk about something else. like how badass this is:

 Lindsay found that the other day, which sent us both stumbling through ebay for a bit, furthering my crankiness ( at her being so far away slash my wanting a bus already) and also letting us both behold the beauty of the most expensive/clean/well-taken-care-of bus I have ever seen. You cannot see it here but within this bus is all the antique products that you would want in your bus true to the times. Lindsay thought it would be awesome to get all dressed up in 60’s garb and take pictures with it, looking rather antique-y altogether:

Enough about buses.

How about we talk about the gf. She was super nice and hooked my sister up with a cardigan, and a scarf which was super nice of her. She has been doing a good job at keeping the 19th-28th of December a secret. Its all KGB and shit. Im sort of proud of her ability to tell a few people who know me, and yet everyone has been keeping it under wraps. Oh the suspense. Im pretty sure she knows this but Im pretty stoked on her.

I talked to my sister/mother for like two seconds today online. Both of them were doing work when I talked to them and I sort of felt guilty that I was not doing anything or talking to Lindsay. I will call home tomorrow and check-in. I guess Mom had a rough week with little kids being lame to her at school. Its sort of rough hearing about these little stories when you can’t go run and punch little kids in their throats just for being stupid. I can’t say much… I spent alot of time in ISS. and or detention. and in trouble with my mom, so I sort of feel for those kids at the same time. haha.

The weather has been fairly unusual, judging from everyones shock at seeing the sunshine the first week of December here in rainy seattle. Everyone has been warning us of this looming 5 months of darkness, but we have yet to see anything resembling Mordor. Note the similarities. Note the Differences.

I believe that I should end this, so that I can read for a bit. I am starting to read The Virgin Suicides which is the next book that we’ve started reading per Lindsays choice. ( shameless plug? ) Ill leave everyone with the list of currents and constants:

Middlesex/The Virgin Suicides-Jeffrey Eugenides
World War Robot-Ashley Wood

The Velvet Teen-Cum Laude
Stars of the Lid- Refinement of the Decline
Bon Iver-Blood Bank ep ( Bon Iver plus vocoder=pretty nice )
The Beatles
A.M. Architect
Russian Circles
Explosions in the Sky
From Monument to Masses: Between God & Elvis

Space A.

This last week has been looooooooooonnnng.

Work+Silverfox Rockband Office Party Super Party+M83+Dad+Mom+Sister+Olympia( WA State Capitol )+Twin Harbors Beachfront+Thanksgiving Dinner at Sharis+Tacoma Glass Museum+Downtown Seattle+Pikes Place Market+Olympic Sculpture Park+Space Needle+Downtown Tacoma ( Worlds Largest Totem Pole as of 1903 )+Car pizza with Chris in Target Parking Lot+ Point Defiance+ ( plus Sea lion ) +Mall.

My parents/sister was able to catch a Space A flight from Altus to McChord Afb, bringing them in just in time for Thanksgiving with us. We spent the day with them driving to the beach and through Olympia, then we ate dinner at Sharis which wasnt that great but were grateful to have them here regardless of where we were eating. Unfortunate for Chris, he had to work a majority of the time that they were here but we hung out at their room and went to eat in the evenings. And unfortunate for my mom and sister, Mt Rainier lay behind a wall of clouds the whole time they visited, so they didn get to see it in all its glory and magnitude. Its funny how something so dominating for the Washington skyline was hidden the whole time. oh well. They will be out again Im sure.

M83 was a good set. I definitely think the live drummer made the show for me. and I think Chris had a crush on one of the girls from SVIIB (School of Seven Bells). Get it Chris!

I had alot of fun hanging out with Julianne and the Parents for a few days. It was sort of surreal to see my parents and sister in a new environment and I think overall everyone enjoyed it. Juliannes sense of humor made me laugh alot, and I think she really liked being out of OOOOOklahoma for once.

I also got some new shoes ( awesome ). See below:( oh and I forgot they were in the shot above.) 
Simple enough. Im still on the lookout for the Reebok Sir Jam Mids. I also was fortunate enough to find World War Robot (another ashley wood title )( thanks mom )

 it was sort of surreal to see my parents and sister in a new environment and I think overall everyone enjoyed it. This holiday season I will no doubt be counting my blessings as I am in a new place mentally and physically. I hope that everyone takes some time to act selflessly and with heart despite the busyness of the holidays.