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Re-live little minutes, keeping the dream awake.

I received a call this morning from someone from my senior class, informing me that they wanted to invite me to my 10 year reunion for Altus High Schools Class of 1999. I politely informed her that I would not be going and did not plan to go back for any reunions. She said in her post cheerleader-dancey voice: ” ahhh really? You dont want to come back to visit your home for a weekend and hang out with old friends?” I shirked at the fact that she called Altus my home, then I shuttered, but I did not hesitate to say ” No, not  at all.”  It was so gratifying to hang up.

So now is the time for me to write a little more detailed version of recent events. Me and Chris now live in West Seattle and after living at my good friend Roberts house for about 5 months there is this sigh of relief and a feeling of contempt as we “finally” made it. I cannot express my gratitude to Robert and Family for allowing us to stay in their home for so long. It has been well worth it and though I havent been out exploring that much I am super glad that we made the journey. From the middle of our street we can see the mountains across the Sound. Snow capped and magestic. It is 2 blocks walking to my bus stop and 15-20 minute busride versus the 10-15 drive plus 45-60 minute (or more) commute from Tacoma.  Every morning I cross the West Seattle Bridge and see the Seattle skyline and think to myself how glad I am to be “here”. Instead of “there”.
I have hardly expressed my excitement in being here. There is just so much to do and so much to see that I cannot begin to tell everyone how much better I feel as a person just by being here. I can breathe and for once I feel like this place may become my home .
In other news Lindsay will be here at the end of March. I can’t really express myself very well regarding that either. I am so excited that she will be closer and that we will have the opportunity to grow as a couple and see what becomes of our already great relationship. Sure the distance has been a pain and we miss each other terribly, but one cannot under-estimate hope and love.  I am so grateful that she has found it in herself to be out here and enjoy this beautiful place as well. It will be well worth it for her and hopefully being closer to me will be just as beautiful and bountiful as the surroundings. haha. There are so many places to go and see with her…Serious.

Ive been in a real creative funk lately and I feel that I could soon be out of it with the addition of personal space (and hopefully getting my books out!) I will be trying to work on a few projects for myself and would love to keep focused on getting some of these things done: Childrens book. ( Its in the pre-pre-pre-stages). Designer and Friends  Trading Card Illustrations ( Keep buggin me Chris). and sketches for tattoos. ( me/clint.) and possible graphic ideas for Ersays new upcoming line of longboards. So if anyone is so inclined keep pestering me and send me some links/books for inspiration.

Links to share:
Letterpress fun:
Nice Layout:
Has that old Glaser feel to it:
I love this guys approach:
Hockey made more fun:
And most of these Ive seen before but still awesome:

C-Rayz Walz
Cannibal Ox (F-word ep)
From Monument to Masses
Mercury Project and Masaratti


Too many

michael says:
dude. we need to get you a job so we can play hockey sometime
Christopher says:
I need to get a job so I can help with the bills. and buy new shoes.

Got to love us Lee Bros.

Uh-Oh SpaghettiO’s


Meet my girlfriend and her french friend.
Not all french people are skinny and have moustaches, but this guy is a real pro. Even has a beret.
I have been thinking about her being close and even though I will be so happy to have her close.
There is a lot be said about our goofy video conversations.

-Me and Chris are getting settled into our new place and liking the whole christmasy-getting stuff out of boxes feeling.
Its been a weight lifted off my shoulders to have personal space again and as we meander through our belongings  I have really noticed the lack of connection with so many of these objects that I have now carried 4,000 miles. A clearing of the house is a clearing of the mind perhaps? A cleaning is definitely in order. Less Clutter. More Air.
Also. the foosball table is a few steps away from being in action. As well as the other entertainment equipment.

There will be pictures up soon. And a longer post. Believe it. (Because 2-3 hours just got added to my day, thanks to shorter commute!)

But most importantly a future filled with lots of love.

I decided to redo this post.

Tis the season to be cheesy and be all rosey red with affection and hallmark sentiment. F-that. I have my reasons for not giving a crap about this holiday. I feel like I am a romantic. She knows I love her. I know that I feel deeply, and I act on my feelings. She knows this. Sees this. Sometimes to a fault.
I’m not going to say anything more on this.
V-day pisses me off.
(Among other things.)

Me and Chris are going to sign the lease on a place (basement apt) in West Seattle tomorrow after work. For those who are into doing searches on Flickr to get their visual fix, try a few of these keywords: Alki Beach, West Seattle, Lincoln Park, etc etc. There is a weekend Farmers Market, and an avenue of shops much like a small-town. Its approximately 20-30 minutes to my work (traffic), and a few minutes (5 to the park, 20 to the ocean probably ) walking to a beach or a park. We are going to be in for a new experience as we are going to be a few minutes from the ocean (YES!)
and we will be alot closer to Seattle. We are excited and nervous and all over pretty content with the fact that we’ve made it this far. We are grateful for the support we’ve had from our parents/friends.
We are relieved to have survived thus far and will continue to push ourselves to move further towards our goals.

In other news. I think I am a few months away from crossing a line in my life:
I never thought that I would end up going to a comic book convention. It is a line that I was sure I wouldnt cross. But as I’ve become older and I’m starting to realize that deep down I am a “drawer”/”Illustrator” -type, and the allure of seeing some really great “drawers” is a little much to overlook. Mike Mignolia, and Grim Grisley will be there. So I’m sort of excited about that. I am also pursuing some possible involvment with the Cascade VW club. ( So hopefully when I eventually get a bus someone will be around to be like: “NO, dont buy that piece of crap, buy this sweet ride instead…”

I am all over anxious to move. I feel as though, regardless of the freedom, I have been slightly caged by the commute and the 10 by 10 room I share with my brother. I thrive on personal time and space, creating and reading which I have not done that much as of late. I will welcome it. And along with welcoming it, I will be welcoming my girlfriend to the greater state of Washington. She will be here late March.

I am excited.
Heres to weekend visits and to whatever lays ahead of us.

Damien Jurado: Caught in the trees
Perspolis ( Yes, I know. Its not that I am a slow reader, its that commute. I can’t read on the bus or I’ll end up puking.)
96 Nudes by Ashley wood. There is no real reading here. nudie paintings of girls. Someone teach me to paint like that  or John Singer Sargent. ( oh I will someday. You’ll see )

Saving Chris by tossing him headphones

michaelresist: OMG
michaelresist: wtf is going on
michaelresist: hahahahaha
michaelresist: keep those headphones on
insert3motion: baby apocalypse.