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To break your fall.

This last few weeks has been rather intense for me and it took me a little while to muster the courage to sit down and write.

I have been wondering how to quite explain it…This will have to do.

My good friend Ashley who is pregnant with her first child, lost her husband Kolby Lankford last week. There is little known on cause and the shock of this, will unfortunately be felt indefinately. I was on event for my work and was out of town and immediately felt that a haze had been put over me. I was unable to concentrate and wandered about inside myself, debating this news, and feeling hurt for her and their families…Kolby lived his life fully and I will miss his perspective, humor and commentary regarding my own life choices. I am proud to have met and been befriended by him. My heart feels nothing but sympathy, shared sorrow for her loss, and her upcoming challenge, which is to raise their beautiful child. I have no doubts as to Ashleys strength and fortitude, but to ask someone to bear this task, is truly unthinkable.  It is alot to take in. It is alot to overcome.  It would be unfair of me to write much else regarding this…there is duty in silence.

Shannon and Emily Kolvitz welcomed a new addition to their family, Sophia Kolvitz, Born Friday the 13th.
Childbirth is a monumental moment. For the child and the family. I cannot imagine their excitement, nor can I expect to, until I have a child of my own. (I am truly happy for you both.)

In 8 days, I will be picking up Lindsay from Sea-Tac Airport. She will be gratefully and nervously be boarding a plane for change and new experiences. She will be staying with me and Chris temporarily before her intership begins, and during that few weeks I have tried to plan things and absorb that time with her as much as I can, before we are left with weekend visits. There will be alot of smiles from both of us, I’m sure and there will also be pictures soon, post arrival.

Over and Over- A Catalog of Hand-drawn Patterns by Mike Perry
Cradle to Cradle-Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough & Michael Braungart



It was a pretty rough day yesterday.

There are no words to express what I feel for your loss Ashley.

The Heater

Tonight I went out to eat with my brother and then on a date. via skype ( and that marvelous intanets). and got to share dessert with my girlfriend. She had a cookie brownie, and I had Lactose-free coconut milk Icecream. She was being really cute about the birthday thing and even had a candle in her brownie so she could sing me Happy Birthday. It was quite special and sweet of her. We talked about what movies we’d watch when she came to stay, we talked about each other’s days, and we talked about her favorite animal as a child. ( See video above) . I learned something new. Pandas were her favorite childhood animal. I can’t even remember what mine was. Maybe my mom will know. or chris. Who knows.  Overall turning 28 was pretty nice. I enjoyed the day and looking back I can feel some sort of accomplishment at where I’ve been and where Id like to be.