The Heater

Tonight I went out to eat with my brother and then on a date. via skype ( and that marvelous intanets). and got to share dessert with my girlfriend. She had a cookie brownie, and I had Lactose-free coconut milk Icecream. She was being really cute about the birthday thing and even had a candle in her brownie so she could sing me Happy Birthday. It was quite special and sweet of her. We talked about what movies we’d watch when she came to stay, we talked about each other’s days, and we talked about her favorite animal as a child. ( See video above) . I learned something new. Pandas were her favorite childhood animal. I can’t even remember what mine was. Maybe my mom will know. or chris. Who knows.  Overall turning 28 was pretty nice. I enjoyed the day and looking back I can feel some sort of accomplishment at where I’ve been and where Id like to be.


One response to “The Heater

  1. Oh sneezing panda you are funny

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