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Swallowing Your Pride

Its about time I updated isnt it?

Lindsay is here and in full effect. It has been extremely nice to have her in my company and have her to confide in and talk to since she has arrived. We went camping last weekend at Cape Disappointment which was pure awesomeness.
( Minus freezing in our mummy bags ).
We were less than 100 yards from the water ( try 100 ft ) and could hear the water crashing all night long. We drug our cameras everywhere we went and will be uploading photos to our respective flickr’s sometime soon I imagine.

For those who don’t know. I lost my job a few weeks ago. It was rather abrupt, unexpected, and definately caused me to immediately be aware of my situation and the company I had worked for. I miss the people that I met through work and feel like they sort of helped me feel good about my decision to be here in their own little ways. I am pretty sure this next little bit of trying to find a good job and get my life going here is going to take alot of work on my part. I will as per my usual be starting at the bottom somewhere and working my way up. I am pretty sure this is one of my life-callings. “barrel scraper?” I dont know other terms that I could use. In any case it has caused me to see that I need to up my illustration game and get things going to boost my freelance abilities. It appears as though I have the abilities but have yet to prove to the world that I am worth my weight. so I will be taking submissions and ideas from everyone. Please do not overlook this and I want everyone to feel welcome to give me ideas on things to draw, paint, conceptualize, etc etc. I will be making a huge list and going about each of these assignments as though they were given to me by paying clients. so that I may build my portfolio online and also prove to myself that I have what it takes to make a living drawing. So, any ideas please send to me at Anything from portraits, to sketches of ideas you have, paintings, comic ideas, anything. Force me to work people.
” The devil will find work for idle hands to do. ”

Job Sites, Craigslist (jobs, and still dreaming of my bus), surfboard sites, flickr, still reading a few books, and mostly hanging with the gf.

Rogue Wave- been hitting the spot the last few days. the older stuff not the new one.