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A few weeks ago I found these at Easy Street Records…Okkervil Eps.
Mr. Will Schaff holding it down with those scratch boards.

Me and Christopher will be flying “home” to Oklahoma to stay with the parents for a few days in celebration of Juliannes gradiation’ -Say it with Oklahoma Accent. Should be fun to see the family.  I made the investment of some shoes. I sort of felt guilty about it. but like my mom said sometimes you have to buy something so that you can see you’re not just living and working to buy food and pay bills.

I feel like I have yet to gain traction in this beautiful place that I live. I wonder how I can do that. I need to quit spending money on little things like new shoes and occasional cd purchases because my computer is coming up on like 6 years and it’s probably going to die soon. It cannot endure too much more I’m thinking. I also need an oil change ( Past due ).  I have moved to daytime electronics dept. for Target which allows me to socialize with customers and that sort of helps me get through the day. I’m sure for the most part they look at me as someone below them working at a retail store and thats okay. Let that slide.  I think I’m going to start drawing up an arsenal of shirt designs I would like to make and perhaps one of these days when I get some money flow I will get to it. either that or  I will pay Clint off and he can get to it. ( Do work son!) Hope that Memorial day business helps you out.  I’m going to get some momentum. I will and then I will be on top of things. Cross your fingers.

Hating the fact that people that work shit retail jobs often watch shit tv on their breaks. Is it loud enough? Soap Operas are a NO.
Glad I have friends and family who keep me living.
Glad I’m going to be eating some snitzel this weekend.
Glad I have an Ipod for plane rides.
Glad I don’t have to worry about food/bills for 3 days while I’m at home.
Glad that I will be able to see my sister. Hope fully her dog lets me sleep.
Glad that Lindsay has a good job and she is having fun learning.
Glad Chris is still pulling some freelance.
Grateful that I have a job.
Glad that my car is still running.
Hoping I can get to the doctor/Dentist sometime.
Wishing for some time to read. ( Plane ride?)

I will be in A-town Thursday-Sunday. If you feel so obliged do come say hello. I’m not going out of my way for anyone. Its Julianne’s weekend.


Give Them Rope She Said

Its been a while, I know.

Mike has a job working at Target ( Its paying the billz. sort of. )
Chris is doing freelance for more than a couple places.
 Julianne is  a Valedictorian for Altus High School.
Lindsay has a job here in West Seattle.
Shannon and Emilys Baby is doing great.

I have procrastinated on the following due to lack of momentum:

Online Webcomic.
Making Kolby’s “RIDE AT MIDNIGHT”sticker. 
Personal work of any kind.
Editorial type artwork.

I have done the following:

Applied for numerous design posts on Craigslist, Monsterjobs, Volt, and other such services.
Started playing drums in a crust/punk/hardcore band.
Am moving from Backroom position at Target to Electronics
( Normal shift and I get to see people now)

Purchased the following books:
Understanding Comics by Chris McLoud. Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein.

I have avoided purchasing:
More new Books.
More new Shoes.

I have busted out these old albums in leu of curing some nostalgia?  
…or to cure my taste for the heavy in the last little while:
Melvins:Houdini (I’m missing the 25th anniversary show to go to OK, Singles 1-2. The Maggot.
Bad Religion 80-85, Recipe for Hate,Suffer, No Control
Fugazi: Instrament, In on the Killtaker, Repeater, Furniture EP
Minor Threat: Discography
Coalesce: ( new ox rip ), Give Them Rope She Said, 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening
The Clash: The Clash, London Calling
(This list could continue but I’m switching subjects )
I have cooked the following: ( with a helper slash team-mate on some of them)
Mariners style Garlic French fries ( Lindsay’s idea! They were awesome.)
Habanero , Honey BBQ Chicken. ( Better Barbecued, but still awesome baked )
and not so new to the Lee Bros arsenal of make-shift sandwhiches: The Turkey-Pepperoni Sandwhich.
 -which by the way we would love if you could think of a name for it. Lindsay calls it The Special. But me and chris cringe at that. haha. Such Fascists!

Watched the following:
The Office Seasons 1,2,3,4 (almost halfway)
Party Down:Season One:
Metalacalypse:Season One ( Halfway through, rewatching for the most part) 
The Venture Brothers: Seasons 1,2,3. 
Kungfu Panda
Mallrats ( Lindsay had never seen it. SNOOCHIE BOOCHIES!)
The Wave (German) 

Anyhow. I hope all is well on whichever front you are on.