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Currently watching Princess Mononoke.

Been listening to lots of rudeboy reggae.
Been debating lots of other things too.
Ill update monday.


They don’t even care about us in the backs of their cars.

I’ve found that it takes a few days for me to get some momentum so that I can relay my thoughts and feelings on this here machine. Target cut my hours down, right when there was actually stuff here in the area I could afford to go to and plan around. Despite the fact that I shouldn’t have I spent some money on myself. I live here in the mecca of american music and haven’t went to as many shows as I would have liked to. So for this reason I decided it was okay to spend money at Easy Street’s crazy summer West Seattle Street Fair Sale. 3 used cds for 5 dollars. It would have been hard for me to walk away from this and so instead of hating myself for ignoring its beckoning call…I embraced it and bought myself some music. It made me feel better. spending an hour or more rummaging through bins, looking for gold. Its always amazing to me what people pick up and what they throw away.  While digging I also reserved a few that I found for Lindsay because I know she abhors digging through the muck ( These are marked with astericks ).

Red Sparrows-At the Soundless Dawn
( Instramental featuring members from ISIS)

Owen-At Home With
( Mike Kinsella wooing girls and vindicating the male point of view )

The Album Leaf- Into the Blue Again

Rogue Wave-Descended like Vultures

*Nickel Creek-This Side
( This one has their cover of Pavements Spit on a Stranger )

*Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s- Animal/Not Animal
( Double Disc…Score!)

*Sleater Kinney- The Woods
( Someone accidentally put the Live cd in there as well, double Disc…Score!)

Pete Yorn- Nightcrawler
( Little less adolescent than Music for the Morning After )

The Blow- Bonus Album
( They re-do Jason Andersons Jet Ski Accidents! Had to have it.)

Chuck Ragan- Feast of Famine
( Chuck was so nice the few times I met him, have to support that man. )

Dillinger Escape Plan-Under the Running Board
( Thier First Major Release on Relapse)

( Intellegent Experimental Punk/Hardcore, the envy of many many bands, also featuring members of City of Caterpillar )

The Six Parts Seven-Lost Notes from Forgotten Songs
( Remakes  of 6/7 songs by Iron and Wine and Pedro the Lion )

Engine Down-A Sign of Breath Ep
( Engine Downs Members now form parts of Cursive and Sparta, even though I think Sparta sucks )

Tom Brosseau- What I mean to Say is Goodbye
( There is a little Folky Western singer songwriter in all of us, no? )

Drums and Tuba-Battles Ole’ ( This was my one unsuccessful purchase I had read a review about it being pretty ingenious on their part as musicians only to find that musically the music was average and the vocals were horrible but sometimes its fun to dive into something your unfamiliar with just to remember that feeling that you had being younger experimenting with your tastes…Everyones “tried” to listen to Primus at least once right?)
What I should have done is compiled a list of all the cds that I overlooked for sake of sparing my bank account. And the fact that this sale is on rotation throughout the weekend with a new surplus of cds constantly being added…well let’s just say I’m avoiding that place for the rest of the weekend.

Ive been reading my Einstien book alot lately. It is interesting to read his words and feel this common understanding.  Something that caught my attention was something he wrote in regards to someone else:
” Few People are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social enviornment. Most People are incapable of forming such opinions.” (Aphorisms for Leo Baeck)

It stuck me deep reading this. How far have I pushed myself to be one of these few people? I haven’t been delving into the news as much as I used to. It’s not that I’ve grown disinterested, it’s  that I have began to push myself into thinking more than talking. This will change Im sure. But I think the fact that I have withdrawn into myself has caused me to ignore current events for the most part. I read them everyday but it hasn’t been sinking in. I need to fix this.

-This weekend was West Seattle Street Fair, and I can now say I’ve seen Mudhoney. This was something I wanted to experience for myself but  Chris, his friend Lydia, and Lindsay all joined me. Next weekend I will be venturing to the Vintage VW Meet in Shoreline. Should be quite badass.
If you see any of us online or about, ask how we are.

Despite it all…I have to take something with me back to the midwest don’t I?

-edit. I jjsut remembered I bought these too:

Mum’s Summer Make Good, and…

S.Malkmus and the Jicks: Pig Lib. Also…Chris found me this:

Its been a lovely music filled few days.