See These Bones

So. I’m writing this hopefully before my computer crashes again.

I have become infested with viruses. The fact that I ride the intanet unprotected whilst trying to keep up with my wading through muck to find little gems for my ears, is most likely the reason.

Those who have benefitted from my musical prowess, I will be in hiatus for quite a while. My computer is about 7-8 years old. In computer years that is like 97. and the symptoms are the equivalent to Alzheimer’s. I am pretty sure I need a new machine. but I cannot afford one.  not at all.

So yeah. awesome. Clint…doesnt this always happen before I move?

And regarding moving. The schedule is as follows:

Sunday-Finish Packing
Monday-Get the truck. Pack the Truck. Attach Car.
Tuesday-Drive to Boise,ID.
Wednesday-Drive to Moab, UT.
Thursday-Drive to Albequerque, meet up with Clint. Drive to Tucumcari.
Friday-Drive to Altus. (grrr. Twice in a year is too much.)
Saturday-Hang out with family.
Sunday-Drive to Springfield. (Alone.wahoo.okay not so much )
Monday-Drive to Lexington.
Tuesday-Unpack truck.
Wednesday-Return truck.

And then I possibly start work at a Lexington Target store the 24th. Pending what they decide to give me. So maybe possibly between Wednesday and Sunday I will be able to wipe my brain completely of this ordeal and begin anew.  I don’t think I have a cd player in this truck but if anyone along the way wants to provide me with some mixes or new music so I can listen when I get to Kentucky, please do.

I’ve got a while to go.


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