The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi

I haven’t written here for a while. Mostly because the people that read it can call or catch me online and I do most of my internal dialogue in a sketchbook more than on the computer. I have felt a disconnect with the computer. I no longer have a cush job where i can sit online all day and look through odd findings and read the news off and on while doing my workload. Instead I work at Target pushing freight to the floor, or training in the photo-lab, or working the Electronics area. I have been reading alot on my breaks, trying to finish Middlesex. I have dipped back into this sort of solitude that comes with having ones own space and it leaves alot of time to think and unthink. There is alot of things I would like to do and I’ve started to do a few of those things. I’ve started my comic strip which is still in the beginning stages but none the less has become quite entertaining to me.  I have found a template for my website so that I can basically. reshape me.  I may be painting a mural for an elementary school here in Lexington. ( If she emails me ). My car is fixed. My bills are paid.  My bike is fixed. I recieved gifts last week which was quite uplifting for me ( see the flickr ). I think as long as I try really hard to stay focused things will start to pan out.


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