Monthly Archives: October 2009

I am the Bees

I have neglected this blog for lack of momentum with words.

Its been a little rough around my edges the last few weeks trying to gain momentum all while not getting distracted with the suck.  I’ve been trying to weigh alot of different things and try to also make progress on a few projects which have been constantly on the backburner. But I have been making fairly regular picture posts to flickr and I did sort of basically finish a mural (for free) for Southern Elementary here in Lexington. I have also sort of had help from terri in getting a website in order for myself using the template, it should be looking nice and in order ing a little bit .Pretty soon there will be a and everyone can keep track of me there. I’m trying to condense and figure out how I am best relayed to the world wide web and all that nonsense.  I would love to start illustrating full-time and push that some more, but alas its hard work and when you have to squeeze it in after your 8 hours at a retail institution, its sometimes hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been very grateful of my personal space and time here with Jon and Terri and have been able to come to the conclusion that I have a passion for and a desire to push myself into the fine arts/illustration realm.  This will require a shift for me and it will also require a newfound push for perfection on my part.

On the list of things that will be showing up which have been talked about in the past, but are coming to fruition are the comic strip that I have started titled CLIF. This character is one part me, one part bearded savant, one part Clint, one part lanky vacuum collecting uncle, one part bike rider. I’m more or less trying to combine the people I love and the day to day experiences I’ve had into one strip. I am still working out the storyline and learning alot about visual storytelling. Its not really about the pictures, its the relaying of the message. What to give away, what not to. Whats needed for clarity etc. Its been good to try my hand at this and I will continue to work on it.

Another project will be the illustrating of a novel, ( yes, a graphic novel ) written by Tristan Palmer, whom I met with and have discussed the details and plans to stretch this into a series of small comics that will be more based on imagery and lay out than most comics are. (Not your Golden Age comic here ). I have started writing notes and will begin sketches pretty soon, if not tonite. I am very excited about this and am looking forward to letting the ink fly for this one.  Also, it will be nice to not work within the confines of borders like I am learning to work within for the comic strip.

There are talks of Qcollaborative becoming more of working organism. I am a little blurry on the details having not been there for discussions but word on the street is that Q collab will possibly be a force to be reckoned with.

Lindsay went down to get the grand tour of altus and spend a little time with the family. They are watching “Where the Wild Things Are” as well, should be good times for them. I’m a little jealous that she gets home cooked food, while I sit here debating running to the store for Taco Soup supplies ( Thanks Emily).

I am also working on my christmas list:

Chris did his homework after I made a comment saying I wished they made a VW Splittie RC Car. Dad, if you guys hook this up maybe a custom Lee Paintjob will be in order.

Penguin has released some classics illustrated by leading graphic artists. I want them.

So I’ve been wanting to play ice hockey for such a long time and I’ve pretty much halfway come to terms with the fact that it will be a long long time before I get to play. Its so very expensive. So…Someone buy me hockey stuff.  For reals.

This list will get longer and Ill post more to it monday. Gonna talk to my lady now.

Like I said this list is getting longer…

What can I say. I like the G.I.Joe. A highlight of my youth was when me and Chris got the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier, this Dubbed Video Dub has been on the list for a while. I also saw that Inspector gadget is out now ( Not a full season but still would be sort of fun to have). Also thought this would be cool too: The Littles.

Also on the list of must-haves is the OX cd/artwork from Coalesce. I just havent made the investment myself yet.

You can talk trash all you want, but us basically bald men need precision tools, and well mine are a little old and need replacing.

I also would like to someday complete my Kids In The Hall collection. I have season one (Thanks Chris).

Also it would be super awesome to start the Venture Brothers Collecting.

Sort of want to invest in this too. I’ve been avoiding throwing the money down for it but I really think it might make a good gift.

And I dont know if I should but Im going to keep adding to this for fun. brb.