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I will write soon, I swear.

Things are happening.


Where the heart is.

Wednesday marks my second venture back to base. Base being the State of Oklahoma and all it has to offer.

I will be packing my things for the second time in a year and driving so that my heart can be closer to another’s. This was not something that came easily or without much debate. It can be said that time and space are the forces that maintain our balance here on earth and this is certainly a remark towards that debate. I have been able to have a lot of personal time and space, allowing me to debate my life, my direction, and how best to nurture one’s heart. This is by being closer to those I love, and pushing myself to be better than I am right now.

This is constant.


Appleseed Cast
A Lily
Collections of Colonies of Bees

Understanding Comics ( Still )
The Education of an Illustrator- Steven Heller
Schulz and Peanuts ( Charles Schulz biography-Thanks Sis for letting me borrow it).
Civil Disobediance- Henry David Thoreau… Probably the 20th time I’ve read it:

“Then it is that I appreciate the beauty and the glory of architecture, which itself never turns in, but forever stands out and erect, keeping watch over the slumberers.”

I am the Bees

I have neglected this blog for lack of momentum with words.

Its been a little rough around my edges the last few weeks trying to gain momentum all while not getting distracted with the suck.  I’ve been trying to weigh alot of different things and try to also make progress on a few projects which have been constantly on the backburner. But I have been making fairly regular picture posts to flickr and I did sort of basically finish a mural (for free) for Southern Elementary here in Lexington. I have also sort of had help from terri in getting a website in order for myself using the template, it should be looking nice and in order ing a little bit .Pretty soon there will be a and everyone can keep track of me there. I’m trying to condense and figure out how I am best relayed to the world wide web and all that nonsense.  I would love to start illustrating full-time and push that some more, but alas its hard work and when you have to squeeze it in after your 8 hours at a retail institution, its sometimes hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been very grateful of my personal space and time here with Jon and Terri and have been able to come to the conclusion that I have a passion for and a desire to push myself into the fine arts/illustration realm.  This will require a shift for me and it will also require a newfound push for perfection on my part.

On the list of things that will be showing up which have been talked about in the past, but are coming to fruition are the comic strip that I have started titled CLIF. This character is one part me, one part bearded savant, one part Clint, one part lanky vacuum collecting uncle, one part bike rider. I’m more or less trying to combine the people I love and the day to day experiences I’ve had into one strip. I am still working out the storyline and learning alot about visual storytelling. Its not really about the pictures, its the relaying of the message. What to give away, what not to. Whats needed for clarity etc. Its been good to try my hand at this and I will continue to work on it.

Another project will be the illustrating of a novel, ( yes, a graphic novel ) written by Tristan Palmer, whom I met with and have discussed the details and plans to stretch this into a series of small comics that will be more based on imagery and lay out than most comics are. (Not your Golden Age comic here ). I have started writing notes and will begin sketches pretty soon, if not tonite. I am very excited about this and am looking forward to letting the ink fly for this one.  Also, it will be nice to not work within the confines of borders like I am learning to work within for the comic strip.

There are talks of Qcollaborative becoming more of working organism. I am a little blurry on the details having not been there for discussions but word on the street is that Q collab will possibly be a force to be reckoned with.

Lindsay went down to get the grand tour of altus and spend a little time with the family. They are watching “Where the Wild Things Are” as well, should be good times for them. I’m a little jealous that she gets home cooked food, while I sit here debating running to the store for Taco Soup supplies ( Thanks Emily).

I am also working on my christmas list:

Chris did his homework after I made a comment saying I wished they made a VW Splittie RC Car. Dad, if you guys hook this up maybe a custom Lee Paintjob will be in order.

Penguin has released some classics illustrated by leading graphic artists. I want them.

So I’ve been wanting to play ice hockey for such a long time and I’ve pretty much halfway come to terms with the fact that it will be a long long time before I get to play. Its so very expensive. So…Someone buy me hockey stuff.  For reals.

This list will get longer and Ill post more to it monday. Gonna talk to my lady now.

Like I said this list is getting longer…

What can I say. I like the G.I.Joe. A highlight of my youth was when me and Chris got the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier, this Dubbed Video Dub has been on the list for a while. I also saw that Inspector gadget is out now ( Not a full season but still would be sort of fun to have). Also thought this would be cool too: The Littles.

Also on the list of must-haves is the OX cd/artwork from Coalesce. I just havent made the investment myself yet.

You can talk trash all you want, but us basically bald men need precision tools, and well mine are a little old and need replacing.

I also would like to someday complete my Kids In The Hall collection. I have season one (Thanks Chris).

Also it would be super awesome to start the Venture Brothers Collecting.

Sort of want to invest in this too. I’ve been avoiding throwing the money down for it but I really think it might make a good gift.

And I dont know if I should but Im going to keep adding to this for fun. brb.

The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi

I haven’t written here for a while. Mostly because the people that read it can call or catch me online and I do most of my internal dialogue in a sketchbook more than on the computer. I have felt a disconnect with the computer. I no longer have a cush job where i can sit online all day and look through odd findings and read the news off and on while doing my workload. Instead I work at Target pushing freight to the floor, or training in the photo-lab, or working the Electronics area. I have been reading alot on my breaks, trying to finish Middlesex. I have dipped back into this sort of solitude that comes with having ones own space and it leaves alot of time to think and unthink. There is alot of things I would like to do and I’ve started to do a few of those things. I’ve started my comic strip which is still in the beginning stages but none the less has become quite entertaining to me.  I have found a template for my website so that I can basically. reshape me.  I may be painting a mural for an elementary school here in Lexington. ( If she emails me ). My car is fixed. My bills are paid.  My bike is fixed. I recieved gifts last week which was quite uplifting for me ( see the flickr ). I think as long as I try really hard to stay focused things will start to pan out.

Instead of Faith on Earth

So to recap the last two weeks.

I moved from West Seattle, Washington to Lexington, Kentucky. There are a few immediate differences that I dont feel I need to talk about in detail but are fun to mention: There are alot of “Horse” people here. It is after all the Horse Capital of the World. Or something similar to that. This is a college town, so everyone loves to wear the color blue. Which I don’t mind…It is alot more friendly than Dark Red or Orange ( OU/OSU ). There are alot of one way streets downtown, which is fine and all, oh wait its annoying but whatever, Ill figure it out. It actually rains here, and storms. Hello, real rain, I missed you and your friend lightening. Something about the drizzle of the Puget Sound that I miss but none the less hearing the sound of a storm makes me feel at home. Least here I don’t have to crawl in a storm shelter.

I drove the Penske Truck for a total of 6 days which basically left me very much in need of some rest. I have re-couped minus the small throat-cold symptoms creeping up on me. Terri has pneumonia, the flu and an ear-infection. BRUTAL. Me and Jon are trying our best to not get sick or to get sick more than we are starting to feel meanwhile Terri is beginning to piece herself back together. Back to the Penske truck. It was returned with no problems at all, and driving my car around today was the most surreal experience. I didnt have to look back as much, and to complete a turn was the easiest thing ever. Oh the joys of driving a normal mid-size car.

I think I should mention how awesome Jon and Terri have been. They have made me feel so very much at home. They have insisted I feel at home and Terri has been getting to know me as her new roomie. Me and Jon played music tonight a few songs that he had worked out on his own and some jamming around. It was very nice to know that we still click musically. Its very liberating to feel at ease with someone musically and we both are probably looking forward to making music again. Its been almost 10 years since we’ve played together with me behind a set.   He has also been very positive about me getting into the architecture program and insists that he will be including me in alot of things that he has going on. I am looking forward to this and hope that I can hold up my end of this all. It has meant alot  to me to see and feel the support of these two and know that they have faith in my abilities enough to house me in this odd juncture in my life.

Having surrounded myself with my books and the comfort of good friends I am regaining a little confidence I felt I had lost or something. Its a hard emotion to explain or detail out in blog format but none the less I am feeling like things will be okay and I am really feeling grateful that Chris now has a job in OKC for a reputable firm and Lindsay is back in school heading towards her Masters. This very deep part of my being is starting to feel better that we are all able to move forward without much struggle. Me and Terri were talking about Seattle and how me and Chris felt like Seattle was spitting us back out. She replied: “It just wasnt meant to happen that way, I guess.” And I felt very calm about the fact that we are now alot safer from the issues that were bothering us. Nothing turns out the way we planned. Best to abandon this O.C.D. like worry I have plagued myself with.

I need to apologize for not taking the time out to call people and let them know that I am well or even include them in little day to day conversation. ( Mom/Dad/Sis/Chris/Lindsay/Etc ) I have been trying to regroup mentally and physically and that has caused me to lack the foresight to think of how others are feeling. So I’m sorry if my communication is a little delayed. Also due to the fact that I am using Jon, or Terris computer for the time being my online communication is also delayed.

I should also extend a Thank you to my family for helping fund our little retreat. I would like to thank Stephen Gilbert for that mad stash of cds for the ro-AD.
( Yes to Fred Thomas, that man is genious, and Mr Bazaan=badass)
I should thank Lindsay for being patient with all the changes and for helping navigate despite her being bored off her ass for most of our driving days. I want to tell Chris thank you for being the faithful lone ranger, distraught by the awful yellow truck in front of him for 4 days straight, he was a great help while driving through major areas. Julianne thank you for letting me borrow the Schultz book. I can’t wait to start reading it. Jon and Terri, Many thanks for opening up your home and lives in good faith that I would be good company. I’m sure there are alot more thank you’s due but for sake of monotony and cutting this blog entry down some we will leave it at that.

Here is to having faith in the unknown.


Blind Pilot ( We’ll get it Jon. fo sho )
Jon and Terri burned me a cd in a very folky bluegrass feel as a welcome gift.
( Awesome!)
Fred Thomas
David Bazaan

Enjoying sleep in my bed. Not a hotel bed.
Loving the smell of rain on concrete.
Getting to know Luna ( Jon and Terri’s Dog)
Glad Jon let me come over and check out the Miller House.
Trying to figure out if Kentucky is North or South.
Missing Lindsay and Chris and Julianne.

Curse your branches

I am alive. It was a long week or so and I have survived it.

More updates later.


See These Bones

So. I’m writing this hopefully before my computer crashes again.

I have become infested with viruses. The fact that I ride the intanet unprotected whilst trying to keep up with my wading through muck to find little gems for my ears, is most likely the reason.

Those who have benefitted from my musical prowess, I will be in hiatus for quite a while. My computer is about 7-8 years old. In computer years that is like 97. and the symptoms are the equivalent to Alzheimer’s. I am pretty sure I need a new machine. but I cannot afford one.  not at all.

So yeah. awesome. Clint…doesnt this always happen before I move?

And regarding moving. The schedule is as follows:

Sunday-Finish Packing
Monday-Get the truck. Pack the Truck. Attach Car.
Tuesday-Drive to Boise,ID.
Wednesday-Drive to Moab, UT.
Thursday-Drive to Albequerque, meet up with Clint. Drive to Tucumcari.
Friday-Drive to Altus. (grrr. Twice in a year is too much.)
Saturday-Hang out with family.
Sunday-Drive to Springfield. (Alone.wahoo.okay not so much )
Monday-Drive to Lexington.
Tuesday-Unpack truck.
Wednesday-Return truck.

And then I possibly start work at a Lexington Target store the 24th. Pending what they decide to give me. So maybe possibly between Wednesday and Sunday I will be able to wipe my brain completely of this ordeal and begin anew.  I don’t think I have a cd player in this truck but if anyone along the way wants to provide me with some mixes or new music so I can listen when I get to Kentucky, please do.

I’ve got a while to go.